Our Mindset

Common Sense Services = CSS

If an idea fits on the back of a business card, it has a clear concept.
We save you money
through digital services and
automated processes

What we do


High-frequency technology and innovation cycles, intransparent pricing and a multiplicity of contracts create considerable complexity and reduce the controllability of financing and contract portfolios.

Our unique platform E.VIEW CORE, digitises financing and management processes and provides for efficient management of your financing and contract portfolio.

How? With intelligent solutions, customer-oriented services, scientifically well-founded know-how and common sense.

Individual and complex requirements are our daily business at CSS. We aggregate data and information, continuously and sustainably and link it purposefully to information relevant to dicision-making for our customers.

We integrate processes and databases seamlessly; we provide know-how, personnel, and resources.

Our mission: Saving resources, maximum transparency with minimal data use, efficient processes and best-in-class services.

With our support, you can perfect the management of your financing and contract portfolios.